When was the last time your brand made someone smile?

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Putting your brand at risk Every time you sign an agreement to promote something or
Wrappr is an Australian startup that brings the sharing economy to advertising by pairing brands
Dove, from Unilever, is one of my favourite consumer brands because their personal care products
It will only get more emotional As digital marketing and marketing technology are receiving more
Building Trust vs. Buying Trust Quick, think of three people you trust. Not family members
Start 2019 with resolve! While most businesses do some form of strategic planning, many fail
Are commodities brands? We normally think of branding as encompassing consumer-based products and services. But
Luxury and scarcity Luxury is alive and well, but it has evolved as brands have
Jump into this #askXFACTOR LIVE full session with Brand Strategist and Author Darren Taylor as
Our Banking Nightmare People often equate a brand with its logo and colours, or with
Brand stereotypes  The biggest stereotype in branding is to equate brand with a logo. The
Whether you like it or not, you have a brand Guess what? You’ve already started
CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY Not all brands get consistency right. But those that do, really get
Brand awareness The first step toward determining whether your brand is working for you is
Teaching an old dog new tricks Brand equity is an intangible asset that can be
Whether you’re creating a new brand or trying to discover what makes your existing brand
Are you different? Do you stand out from the pack? Are you sure? If your
How much revenue do you think you need to generate before you can afford to
If making purchasing difficult for your customers is intrinsic to your brand, then it may
Quick, you have only 20 seconds… What’s one question you can ask to confirm your
Branding is the mouth, not the lipstick Brand is not cosmetic. Brand is fundamental to
“A brand is the expression of an entity, person, product or service, as designed by
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