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Translation: Gen Z speak for ignoring traditional marketers The real digital natives You’ve all doubtless
Brands fulfill more than needs I recently talked with Mario Herger, author of the book
New initiatives support local business  I’m an eternal optimist and also like to be provocative.
Shorthand Most service-based businesses really find it hard to nail their value proposition and to
Everything is measurable  I’m a data nerd. And one of the beautiful things about digital
The who of personal branding  Lots of us dream of starting our own business, or
Watch your inputs!   The phrase ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ was coined by an IBM programmer
Brand is often misunderstood by startup founders, particularly by those who don’t have a branding
It’s obvious that natural disasters demand comprehensive cooperation. Federal, state and local governments, not-for-profit and
Death, taxes, and recessions Three-quarters of economists polled by the Wall Street Journal think there
In my book Rebranding Branding, I discuss Tourism Australia’s scandalous 2006 campaign, ‘Where the bloody
Not a one-time event. Is your brand always on? Or was it just a one-time
Blank stares When I ask clients how they measure the effectiveness of their brand, most
The advantage of very small business Very small businesses are great at customer engagement. They
The roller coaster of new markets Many organisations fail because they focus on what they